World Premiere


| USA | 95 MINUTES | English
Sports, Documentary

What Spellbound did for spelling bees, Unstrung does for ten- nis, diving head-first into the competitive world of juniors tennis and documenting the day-to-day joys, stress and uncertainty of the next generation of aspiring hopefuls. Hitting the road with a handful of teenage competitors, cutting between their lives both on and off the court, director Rob Klug documents the pressures that these amateurs face from competitors, coaches and parents, driven to succeed at all costs. One teen agonizes over scholarships, dreading the choice he must make among colleges and the phone calls he will have to endure with a lengthy roster of interested recruiters. Another family pulls out a map of the United States and discusses the detailed, aggressive road trip being planned that will shuttle their teenager to a new state and tournament every weekend. Unstrung is the feature film debut from Emmy-winner Klug, veteran director of CBS shows 48 Hours and 60 Minutes. Featuring interviews with several of today's tennis greats, from Andy Roddick to Andre Agassi-who discuss their own challenging, competitive childhoods-Klug follows these young amateurs as they prepare to compete in the national championship, fighting through the sweat, blood and tears in hopes of earning the admiration of their peers and parents.


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