World Premiere


| USA | 17 MINUTES | English, Portugese
In Amarelinha, Matteus is a six-year-old who treasures storytelling hour with his parents before bedtime. Believing that they will stop telling him bedtime stories once he learns how to read, Matteus comes up with a plan to exempt himself from reading exercises at school.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
François Choquet
FRANÇOIS CHOQUET has studied filmmaking in Europe and America. He began his career as a TV producer in France. He was named Best French Young Entrepreneur in 2001. He successfully moved on to directing with a short film that was aired on the European TV channel ARTE in 2005. His taste for elegant visuals and original storytelling style won recognition in Cannes 2004 and Tokyo 2005. In 2006, he directed the opening trailer for the Los Angeles French Film Festival City of Lights, City of Angels. He has also directed spec commercials for clients such as Krug Champagne.


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