Road, Movie
U.S. Premiere

Road, Movie

| USA, India | 95 MINUTES | English

With the sumptuous landscape of India as his canvas, director Dev Benegal paints a delightfully original road movie. We meet young Vishnu (Abhay Deol) as he is being prepped to take over the family hair-oil business. Embarrassed by this prospect, Vishnu jumps at the chance to drive his uncle's beat-up Chevy truck across India to its new owner. Along his journey, he picks up a young runaway, a wandering old entertainer, and a beautiful woman, and they embark on a magical journey together that will change Vishnu's life.

Road, Movie may have all the components of a "road movie," but Benegal injects such freshness into the film that it transcends the genre. Deol and the rest of the cast are splendid to watch as they navigate the breathtaking terrain of India, making Road, Movie both entertaining and touching.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Dev Benegal and Dev Benegal
Dev Benegal is acknowledged as a pioneer in digital technology whose work represents modern Indian cinema. Benegal's first feature, English, August, debuted in 1994 and was followed by Split Wide Open. Road, Movie and Ravan & Eddie gained Benegal screenwriter awards, and he now works as a script advisor in France and Germany.
Director of Photography
Michel Amathieu A.F.C
Primary Cast
Abhay Deol, Satish Kaushik, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Mohammad Faizal
Michael Brook
Dev Benegal
Executive Producer
Vandana Malik, Sanjay Ray Chaudhuri
Executive Producers
Vandana Malik, Sanjay Ray Chaudhuri
Susan B. Landau, Ross Katz
Dev Benegal
Sopan Muller, Fred Berger
Yaniv Dabach

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