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25 Letters

World Premiere

USA | 30 MINUTES | English |


Video and installation artist Grahame Weinbren, the subject of the 2004 TFF documentary Frames, returns to the Tribeca Film Festival as a filmmaker with 25 Letters, a video project based on his 25 one-minute films which generate the letters of the alphabet. In this interactive presentation, Weinbren artfully underscores his belief that classic linear storytelling has been radically altered by our random access to digitalized of information and imagery.


Directed by Grahame Weinbren

Grahame Weinbren has been working in film and video for over 25 years. Since 1984, Weinbren has created interactive cinema installations, which have shown internationally. His collaboration on The Erl King with Roberta Friedman was one of the first works to combine interactivity with cinema and was recently acquired by the Guggenheim Museum. Weinbren is an editor of the Millennium Film Journal and teaches graduate courses at the School of Visual Arts.