Arias With A Twist: The Docufantasy
North American Premiere

Arias With A Twist: The Docufantasy

| USA | 86 MINUTES | English

The inspired collaboration between downtown cabaret and drag artist Joey Arias and master puppeteer Basil Twist serves as the spine for this dynamic exploration of unfettered creativity and expression. Arias and Twist conspired together to create the performance spectacular known as Arias with a Twist, a show that brought them some of the biggest success of their careers and continues to tour since its original production in 2008.

This euphoric documentary explores the dynamic creative relationship between Arias and Twist, but it also takes us on a tour of downtown New York's club, art, fashion, and performance scene starting in the late '70s, a time when these worlds were in constant dialogue, constantly inspiring each other. Director Bobby Sheehan has unearthed never-before-seen footage from the era of Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Keith Haring, Grace Jones, and Divine. The trip is bittersweet—considering AIDS would soon sweep through the scene, claiming stars like John Sex, Klaus Nomi and Keith Haring—but ultimately uplifting when viewed in light of Arias and Twist, whose work continues to evolve and carry the torch of artistic partnership.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Bobby Sheehan and Bobby Sheehan
Bobby Sheehan began his career as a photographer on the punk scene in late-'70s NYC. He has directed more than 500 television commercials and the series The Talent Collector and Repo Men. He directed the critically acclaimed film Seed (2000) and the recent narrative feature Cayman Went.
Bobby Sheehan
Bobby Sheehan
Primary Cast
Joey Arias, Basil Twist, Ann Magnuson, Kenny Scharf, Oscar Eustis, Cheryl Henson, Kim Hastereiter, Michael Musto, Thierry Mugler
Bob Whitney
Director of Photography
Bobby Sheehan, Russell Swanson
Associate Producer
Mike Caso, Tony Frere, Lez Rudge
Executive Producer
Sara Feldmann Sheehan
Bobby Sheehan, Sara Feldmann Sheehan

Sara Feldmann Sheehan
New New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212 244 2870

Winner of the 2010 Audience Award: Third Place
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Co-presented by  ExitArt


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