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The White Meadows

North American Premiere

Iran | 93 MINUTES | Farsi |



Writer/director Mohammad Rasoulof (Iron Island, Head Wind, TFF '08) expertly weaves poetry, mythology, metaphor, and the absurd to tell the fable-like story of Rahmat, who sails from island to island on salt-filled Lake Urmia to collect tears as people unburden their sorrows into glass jars. It is said that the tears are turned into pearls and their sins are atoned for, but Rahmat's intentions remain an enigma. The first community he encounters is about to bury an attractive and possibly promiscuous woman in a salt cave. At his next stop a childlike dwarf is chosen to deliver the jars of sorrow down a well before sunrise. As punishment for not wanting an arranged marriage, a desperate adolescent is literally married off to the sea. Finally, an artist is incarcerated simply for using a different color to portray the monotone landscape.

Moody and elegant, this mesmerizing film can either be a cinematic statement on the dangers of conformity, theocratic social norms, and the collective condition of Iran or simply one man's mythology translated to the screen.

On March 2, 2010, Mohammad Rasoulof was arrested in Iran along with prominent filmmaker Jafar Panahi and 14 others as part of the recent crackdown in response to post-election disputes.


Co-presented by  ARTeEAST



Directed by Mohammad Rasoulof

Mohammad Rasoulof was born in Shiraz, Iran. He studied sociology and made a number of short films. His feature films include the docudrama Gogooman (2002), the multiple award-winning Iron Island (2005), and the documentary Head Wind, about Iran's restrictions on using satellites and the Internet.
Mahammadreza Ghasemi
Primary Cast
Younes Ghazali, Hassan Pourshirazi, Mohammad Rabbani, Mohammad Shirvani, Omid Zare, Ava Darvishi
Sound Engineer
Amir Hosein Ghasemi
Set Design
Shahram Karimi
Mohammad Rasoulof
Mohammad Rasoulof
Director of Photography
Ebrahim Ghafouri
Mohammad Rasoulof
Sound Recordist
Mohammad Mokhtari
Jafar Panahi


Press Contact
Azadeh Ravanbakhsh
Phone: 98 912 712 1507
Main Contact
Mohammad Rasoulof
Tehran, 1661645811
Phone: +98 21 22871001 3