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Monica & David

North American Premiere

USA | 68 MINUTES | English |



Monica and David are in love. Truly, blissfully in love. They also happen to have Down syndrome. Both have strong and long relationships with their respected mothers. Ali Codina's affectionate documentary is an intimate, year-in-the-life portrait of two childlike spirits with adult desires as they prepare for their fairy tale wedding and face the realities of married life afterward. Taking immense pride in their new roles as husband and wife, David wants to bring home the bacon, and Monica wants to fry it in the pan. They want babies of their own. But their unique circumstances still have them living with Monica's mother and husband. How will this unique family face its challenges and move forward?

Codina is also Monica's cousin, lending a warm, familial quality to the filmmaking. The camera is just another member of the household—it is winked at and confessed to, and the door is closed in its face as Monica and David settle in for their first night as a married couple. Their tender kisses and pet names are captured and treasured, but along with their story is one of two different mothers who sacrificed and struggled against an intolerant world to provide for their children.

Winner of The World Documentary Feature Competition. Click for Showtimes


Directed by Alexandra Codina and Alexandra Codina

Alexandra Codina was named one of "10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2009" by The Independent. She is involved with advocacy and strategic planning for several nonprofits and is currently directing a short documentary on a 96-year-old farmer in rural Connecticut. Monica & David is her first film.
Steven Schoenberg
Mary Manhardt, Paola Gutiérrez-Ortiz
Director of Photography
David Fenster, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Abel Klainbaum
Deborah Dickson, Alexandra Codina
Alexandra Codina


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