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The Woodmans

World Premiere

USA, Italy, China | 82 MINUTES | English, Italian |



The Woodmans is an inspiring portrait of one family's fall and redemption in the often brutal world of art. Family patriarch George is a professor and painter. Wife and mother Betty is a ceramicist who earns her own show at The Met. Charlie, their son, is a video artist. Most highly regarded is Francesca, their daughter, one of the late 20th century's most recognized photographers, whose fame came after a tragedy that would forever scar the family.

Through candid interviews with George, Betty, Charlie, and a host of friends we come to understand how significant the importance of art-making has been to this family. Francesca's work emerges in a highly developed way at a very early age. Through the creative use of her journal entries, experimental videos, and dynamic photographs, director C. Scott Willis brings us into the life of this young artist in a very intimate, visceral, and tragic way. His debut feature documentary is an original and extraordinary work that plumbs the depths of what it truly means to be an artist.

Winner of Best New York Documentary Award. Click for Showtimes


Directed by C. Scott Willis and C. Scott Willis

C. Scott Willis has won 11 National Emmy Awards and two DuPont Columbia awards in his 30-year career in documentaries. He has produced and directed documentary films and programs for ABC, PBS, and The Discovery Channel among others. The Woodmans is his first theatrical feature documentary.
Neil Barrett, Jeff Werner, C. Scott Willis
Score Performed by
So Percussion
Director of Photography
Neil Barrett
David Lang
Jeff Werner
Creative Consultants
Michael Bowles, Rachel Goslins
C. Scott Willis


Press Contact
Christine Richardson
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 917-547-6876