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Shorts: Identity Theft

Unknown Premiere

(none) | 95 MINUTES | English |


Questions about who you are and what you want abound in these short films.

The breakup happens but the break does not in some boys don’t leave. When Ardal challenges Miss Purdy’s boyfriend to a dual for her affection, 2nd grade will never be the same in The Crush. After their crappy high school team loses the big game (again), a football player and a band geek confront each other on the way home in Poi Dogs. A vinyl Record evokes memories of the past. An amusement park summer leads to life lessons in Loop Planes. A soldier father and his young son share a shave and say goodbye before a military mission in Kiss. A tattooed gang member’s outlook on life is changed forever when he takes a Day Trip. While under house arrest, Mauro is taunted by three local boys through his window in Arena.