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Shorts: Wishful Thinking

Unknown Premiere

(none) | 102 MINUTES | English |


Characters are confronted by decisions and indecision in this narrative program.

In A Border Story, a Mexican immigrant and a young American boy try to survive the remote desert. A young woman attempts to regain both her mother’s trust and her daughter’s love in Delilah, Before. Hold your breath when three teenage boys break into their school in The Pool. Recent retiree Edgar feels unneeded by society until he hatches a plan to change his life. A timid soundman teams up with a goth girl to get back what is rightfully his in Epic Fail. After a faked suicide attempt Jay accepts visits from her well-meaning friends in Cried Suicide. At The Wake of his best friend’s father, a loser and a little boy form an unlikely friendship. More than champagne is uncorked on New Year’s Eve for Zelda at The Dinner Party.