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Shorts: Soul Survivors

Short Program

Unknown Premiere



Life isn’t always easy, and this is exemplified by the shorts with both small and large conundrums; human interaction is life preservers in these turbulent waters.

A man drags his girlfriend to the hospital for an abortion, but while sitting in a waiting room, he meets a girl who just might change his mind in Kakara. New York is silent after the loss of its Twin Towers; as loved ones are missing and people turn to prayer, one New Yorker struggles for answers in Day Ten. A woman seeks the comfort of her estranged mother tucked away in the mountainous wine country of Chile following a traumatic miscarriage in Tinto. Two bank robbers run into problems when each takes exception to the other’s mask in Sequestered. A man sets his alarm clock and goes to bed, but during the night, the world keeps turning in the animated, Cycloid. After her father’s death, awkward 11-year-old Nesma is at odds with the world around her since she began caring for her father’s pigeons, but now she faces an even bigger challenge in Nesma’s Birds. Set against the backdrop of 1950 Naples, Italy, Human Voice tells the story of Angela, a woman in the twilight of her years, as she rides an emotional roller coaster in her last telephone conversation with the man she loves.

Shorts Program Includes:
Day Ten
Nesma's Birds
Human Voice

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