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All This Panic

Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 80 MINUTES | English |


Female Director(s), Documentary, New York, NY Director(s)
Filmed over the course of three years, All this Panic follows Ginger and Dusty, sisters growing up in New York City, along with their friends and classmates as they navigate high school politics and growing up in front of the lens. The teens are disarmingly eloquent and surprisingly candid; they let us in to witness the most confusing, painful, and exciting time of their lives. As the scope of their worlds expands beyond the city’s boundaries and their family homes, their paths diverge.

With their background in fine art photography, this wife and husband filmmaking team (director Jenny Gage and director of photography Tom Betterton) brings their beautiful and sensitive aesthetic to this project, capturing intimate moments of self-discovery as well as the strength and durability of friendships. Their dedication to this project and openness of their subjects work well to bring the most bittersweet period of youth to life.

—Jule Rozite


Directed by Jenny Gage

Jenny Gage (director) and Tom Betterton (DP) are collaborators on fine art, photography and short films that have appeared in galleries, museums and publications worldwide. All This Panic is the latest project in a celebrated career centered on images and inner lives of young women across several mediums and genres.
Jenny Gage
Christie Colliopoulos, Jennifer Ollman, Tom Betterton, Jenny Gage
Connor Kalista
Tom Betterton
Joe Wong, Didier Leplae
Additional Editor
Betsy Kagen


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