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Dirty Weekend


World Premiere

USA | 94 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Comedy, NY Director(s)
Colleagues Les (Matthew Broderick) and Natalie (Alice Eve) are delayed in the Albuquerque airport. Restless, irritated, and unable to stand the service workers he meets at every turn, Les heads downtown. Natalie refuses to leave his side and discovers that his supposedly aimless wandering has more of a point than he is willing to admit. Natalie conceals secrets of her own, though neither can keep them quiet for long. A rapport grows between this unlikely pair, and soon they search out a spark of excitement in this most unlikely of locales.

Director and screenwriter Neil LaBute returns to the Tribeca Film Festival with this sharp-edged comedy treat about the ripple effects of desire, whether it’s followed or left unredeemed. Broderick and Eve are wonderful together as a non-romantic couple that comes to depend on one another for understanding and support as the reality of certain life choices comes into greater focus—like the choices they must return to once they leave the unexpected freedom of, in Les’s words, “one crazy layover.”

—Arthur Ryel-Lindsey


Directed by Neil LaBute

Neil LaBute is a writer, director, and playwright. His first film, In the Company of Men, debuted at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. LaBute's plays have been performed worldwide, including his Tony Award-nominated Reasons to be Pretty.
Neil LaBute
Neil LaBute
Duncan Montgomery, Tiller Russell, Joey Stewart
Joel Plotch
Rogier Stoffers
Executive Producer
Cody Davis, Jack Selby, C. Stephen Cordes, Robert Thaggard, James Jackson Leach
Joel Goodman
Tim Harms, Joel Plotch
Matthew Broderick, Alice Eve, Gia Crovatin, Phil Burke


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