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The Holdouts

NOW: Original indie episodic series

World Premiere

USA, Colombia | 10 MINUTES | English, Spanish | English subtitles


The Holdouts is a story charged with urgency, with a strong personal element. The Western hemisphere's oldest civil war is still going strong in the jungles of Colombia. The National Liberation Army (ELN)—a Marxist military organization—has been fighting for revolution since 1964, and with the FARC having declared a ceasefire, the ELN is today the last active guerrilla army in the Americas. The director has been covering the Colombian civil war for over a decade, and was compelled to make this documentary after finding his grandfather’s kidnap diary from 30 years ago.

Screening with Tribeca N.O.W. Showcase A


Ramon Campos Iriarte is a producer and filmmaker with a photography and journalism background, and extensive experience working in the field. He started his career working on commercial television, and then specialized in documentary production, focusing on environmental and social subjects mainly in the Americas.

Project Creator
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Alejandro Reyes Santodomingo
Executive Producer
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Associate Producer
Alejandro Bernal


Press Contact
Ramon Campos Iriarte
Tropico Media
Brooklyn, 11211
Phone: +13478618292