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Hunting Season


New York Premiere

Canada | 12 MINUTES | English |


Horror, Women, Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery
Callie (Hannah Levien), a small town gas station attendant, has an unexpected encounter which will change the course of her life forever.

Playing in: Shorts: WTF

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Directed by Shannon Kohli

Shannon Kohli grew up in Switzerland. She received a Bachelor of Film from the University of British Columbia, and worked initially as a Cinematographer. Her film and television directing credits include Stalled, A Family Of Ghosts, The Magicians, and Supergirl. Kohli’s work focuses on women’s lives, issues, and successes.
Shannon Kohli
Ines Eisses
Hannah Levien
Elie Smolkin
Brae Norwiss
Executive Producer
Shannon Kohli, Hannah Levien
Associate Producer
Michele Piccard
Hannah Levien, Luke Camilleri


International Sales Contact
Ines Eisses
Pintxo Productions
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3
Phone: 604 219 7573
US Sales Contact
Ines Eisses
Pintxo Productions
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3
Phone: 604 219 7573
Print Source
Hannah Levien
Vancouver, V5Z2X6
Phone: 604 716 9291
Press Contact
Justine Gamez Huckabay
Phone: 647 280 4746