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The Island of the Colorblind


International Premiere

Netherlands | 10 MINUTES | English |


What does color mean to those who can’t see it? In the late eighteenth century a catastrophic typhoon swept over Pingelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. One of the few survivors carried a rare gene that causes achromatopsia, a condition that includes the inability to distinguish colors. Over generations, the islanders ended up perceiving their world in black and white. The Island of the Colorblind invites the audience to explore this shift in perception through de Wilde’s photography and an interactive installation

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Directed by Sanne De Wilde

Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde was awarded the Photo Academy Award® in 2012, the International Photography Award Emergentes DST in 2013 and the Nikon Press Award in 2014. The British Journal of Photography named her as one of 'the best emerging talents from around the world.'
Project Creator
Sanne De Wilde
Key Collaborator
IDFA & de Brakke Grond, Dutch Culture USA


Project Contact
Sanne De Wilde
Sanne De Wilde
Amsterdam, 1011 JH
Phone: +31 494 167 189
Press Contact
Caitlin Bruner
Tribeca Film Festival
New York, NY 10013