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The Last Rites of Joe May

World Premiere

USA | 103 MINUTES | English |



Short-money hustler Joe May (Dennis Farina) always believed he had a glorious future ahead of him, despite all evidence to the contrary. Released from the hospital after a long battle with pneumonia, Joe is forced to confront the harsh reality of his legacy: everyone he knew had assumed he was dead, and life had gone on around him without missing a beat. Returning to his old Chicago neighborhood, he finds his car gone, all his worldly possessions pawned by his landlord, and the apartment he’s lived in his entire adult life rented out to a single mother named Jenny and her eight year-old daughter. After flirting with homelessness, Joe reluctantly moves in with the new tenants of his home – at least until he is able to get back on his feet.

Even as Joe doggedly pursues his comeback, he finds the odds stacked drastically against him. His health continues to deteriorate, he gets no respect from the local mob boss, and his best friend & former partner-in-crime has moved into an assisted living facility. Throughout this ordeal, Joe’s one lifeline is his burgeoning friendship with his new co-tenants. So when things turn ugly between Jenny and her boyfriend – a crooked detective with a penchant for domestic violence – Joe is determined to take a stand for his unlikely new family, and perhaps take one last shot at redefining his legacy.


Directed by Joseph Maggio and Joseph Maggio

JOE MAGGIO is the award-winning writer/director of five other feature films: Virgil Bliss (2001), Milk + Honey (2003), Paper Covers Rock (2008), Euphoria (2009), and Bitter Feast (2010). His work has screened widely at film festivals including Tribeca, Sundance, and SXSW. In 2002 he was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards.

Joe Maggio
Director of Photography
Jay Silver
Executive Producer
Tim Evans
Stephanie Striegel, Bill Straus
Joe Maggio
Carrie Holt De Lama
Primary Cast
Dennis Farina, Jamie Anne Allman, Meredith Droeger, Ian Barford, Chelcie Ross, Gary Cole


Press Contact
Thomas Keleigh
Sunshine Sachs
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: 323.822.9300
Technical Contact
Holt De Lama
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 312.925.5168
Stephanie Striegel
Identity Film