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Midsummer in Newtown


World Premiere

USA | 81 MINUTES | English |



In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, a theater production comes to Newtown, Connecticut, seeking to cast local children in a rock-pop version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The project is aimed at healing the hearts and minds of a community devastated by the school shooting that occurred just over one year prior to production. From auditions and read-throughs to dress rehearsals; we witness the children find their voice, build their self-confidence, and ultimately shine on opening night. In parallel, we see a grieving family honor their daughter through the creation of a jazz album dedicated to her memory. The film culminates in a moving performance by Jimmy Greene and the pensive words of Nelba Márquez-Greene. Midsummer in Newtown is a testament to the transformative force of artistic expression to pierce through the shadow cast by trauma, and to the resilience of a community that is fighting to not be defined by tragedy.

The Grammy-nominated Jimmy Greene Quartet will perform after the premiere screening.

—Marina Hanna


Directed by Lloyd Kramer

Lloyd Kramer works in documentaries and scripted television. A three-time DGA nominee, he has also collaborated with producer Tom Yellin on America in Primetime, a four-part PBS series, and Report From Ground Zero, a two-hour ABC Special Documentary account of what happened inside the World Trade Center towers following the 9/11 attacks.

Lloyd Kramer
Tom Yellin, Braden Cleveland Bergan, Jo Budzilowicz
Amilcar Gomes
Matt Peterson, ACS
Executive Producer
Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Paul G. Allen, Carole Tomko
West Dylan Thordson
Sarahbeth Grossman, Lynn Webb, Van Dean
Co-Executive Producer
Jody Gottlieb, Elise Pearlstein


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