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Our Time Machine

Documentary Competition

World Premiere

China | 80 MINUTES | Chinese | English subtitles


Documentary, Drama
Chinese artist Maleonn creates elaborate photo tableaus that blend the real and the surreal in ways that echo his own memories. He follows in the artistic footsteps of his parents: his mother was an actress and his father, Ma Ke, was a long time director of the Peking Opera Theater. Maleonn is excited to collaborate with his father on his new project, a theater production of an intricately-designed father and son machine puppet. His father, however, is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and slowly forgetting his past.

Through the lens of a father-son relationship, Our Time Machine is the story of what it means to be an artist in China in the 20th century and today. From the condemnations of the Cultural Revolution to contemporary financial and social challenges of putting on a complex and wholly original hybrid art performance, directors S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun probe the artistic impulse across generations. Using evocative imagery and with haunting, yet universal, moments, Our Time Machine is about the consolation and mystery of art against the ravages of time.

—Sudeep Sharma


Directed by S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun

Shanghai-based director and cameraman Yang Sun has directed several short documentaries. This is his feature-length debut. S. Leo Chiang is a filmmaker based in San Francisco and Taipei. He co-founded the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc), and is a documentary branch member of the Academy.
Yang Sun, S. Leo Chiang
S. Leo Chiang, Yang Sun
S. Leo Chiang, Bob Lee
Yang Sun, Shuang Liang
Bob Lee
Paul Brill
Executive Producer
Jean Tsien, Sally Jo Fifer, Nick Fraser
Associate Producer
Daniel Chein, Betsy Tsai, Grace Wang
Violet Du Feng, Qingzeng Cai
US Distributor
Shuang Liang
Maleonn, Ma Ke


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