International Premiere

Sweden | 15 MINUTES | Swedish |


It's the end of summer and 9-year-old Johan is bored. He ought to be working on the old Volvo with his dad, but the old man won't get off of his hammock; Johan, as a result, spends most of his time on his bike playing with his slingshot. One day, Johan accidentally injures a rabbit, which belongs to Anna, a 9-year-old girl who lives close by. He does his best to heal the rabbit's wounds without letting dad or Anna know; he even builds an animal hospital, but eventually he has to own up to his actions...


Directed by Jonas Felixon

Jonas Felixon has studied screenwriting as well as the technical and theoretical sides of filmmaking. Prior to his current work as a director and screenwriter, he taught video production at a school for teenagers with psychological and social difficulties. He has also worked as a script consultant and teacher at the Stockholm Film School. Kanin is his third short film.