Life in Flight


World Premiere

USA | 78 MINUTES | English |


This thoughtful drama from first-time writer-director Tracey Hecht stars Patrick Wilson as a successful New York architect who seems to have the perfect life with his beautiful wife Catherine (Amy Smart) and an adorable, seven-year-old son. They are an attractive, well-to-do couple with a comfortable brownstone, but their relationship can be tense and distant, though not entirely loveless. Just as Will's business is about to enter the next phase, he meets Kate (Lynn Collins), a quirky retail designer, at a dinner party. Although they exchange nothing more than innocent conversation and mild flirtation, it is obvious the two have an immediate connection. Shortly after their meeting, Will helps Kate land a design job for a new Brooklyn waterfront development he is working on. As their professional relationship develops into a friendship, the cracks in Will's seemingly perfect family life become more apparent. The steadfast Catherine pushes for a merger between Will's small company and a major architecture firm, but Will is beginning to have doubts about the deal-lamenting that they are already so busy that they rarely see their son or each other. Meanwhile, after learning that Will is married, Kate considers uprooting herself and taking a plum job offer in Los Angeles. Both Will and Kate must confront their fears and ultimately decide between continuing on with their lives as they are and being brave enough to pursue the lives that they want. More than a simple morality tale, Life in Flight is a contemplative film that confronts issues we all face-whether to do what is expected, listening to what you really want in life, and learning to speak up about it.


Tracey Hecht is a writer, director, and founder of several small businesses. She has been creating stories and beautiful images for the past 12 years through all of these pursuits. Life in Flight is one of the many stories she has composed. It marks her directorial debut.
Craig McKay
Director of Photography
Harlan Bosmajian
Tracey Hecht
Anton Sanko
Executive Producers
David Smilow, Tracey Hecht
Galt Niederhoffer, Celine Rattray, Daniela Taplin Lundberg, Pamela Hirsch
Production Designer
John Nyomarkay
Principal Cast
Patrick Wilson, Lynn Collins, Amy Smart, Fred Weller, Zak Orth