The Fish Child

North American Premiere

France, Spain, Argentina | 96 MINUTES | Spanish |


Drama, Female Director(s)

Unassuming and pretty Lala (Inés Efron), a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighborhood in Buenos Aires, is madly in love with Guayi (Mariela Vitale), her family's gorgeous 20-year-old Paraguayan maid. The two dream of living together in Paraguay and begin to steal and sell all they can get their hands on to fund their escape. But when their risky plan goes terribly wrong, Guayi disappears and is taken into custody for a crime she did not commit. Desperate, Lala will stop at nothing to be with Guayi again… even if it means unraveling the secrets of her dark, hidden past.

Likened to a bold Argentine Thelma and Louise, Lucía Puenzo's follow-up to her multiple award-winning XXY wraps a passionate love story in the arms of a pulsating thriller. Puenzo adapts her own novel of the same name with precision, beautifully aligning the content with its new form. This compelling, gritty, and involved love story is ambitious work and asserts Puenzo as a rising talent. The sultry Efron and Vitale supply fully charged performances, giving The Fish Child a unique power and depth.

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Directed by Lucía Puenzo and Lucía Puenzo

Lucía Puenzo (b. 1976, Buenos Aires) won the Critic's Week Award in Cannes and a Goya Award for her first feature film, XXY. She published the novels El niño pez, 9 minutos, and La maldición de Jacinta Pichimahuida, which have been translated in Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, and the USA. She is next writing the novel La furia de la langosta.

Fernando Soldevila
Director of Photography
Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Art Director
Mercedes Alfonsin
Lucía Puenzo
Lucía Puenzo
Luis Puenzo, Jose Maria Morales
Primary Cast
Inés Efron, Mariela Vitale, Pep Munné, Carlos Bardem, Arnaldo André, Diego Velazquez
Hugo Primero


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