A Long Struggle
World Premiere

A Long Struggle

| USA | 18 MINUTES | English, Karen, Burmese
The setting is war-torn Burma, where ethnic minorities struggle to survive in an uncharted jungle while fleeing from the tyrannical Burmese army. Director Lea Rekow undertook a dangerous and secretive journey just so she could film these refugees, and A Long Struggle is the resulting record of their stories.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Lea Rekow and Ishai Setton
Lea Rekow has 15 years of film and media experience. She holds an M.A. in film and digital media and has produced many ethnographic and experimental projects that have been shown internationally. As Gigantic ArtSpace's founding director, she works in curating and publishing. She previously served as creative director at Harmonic Ranch, director of media programs at the Center for Peace and Human Security, and adjunct professor at Pratt Institute. Visit her website at www.learekow.com.


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