Shorts in Competition: Student

New York Premiere

U.K. | 7 MINUTES | English |


David, a London banker, reminisces on Stanley, who was the most popular child in class because he could imitate donkey sounds. They ended up at the same high school, where David bullied Stanley badly for his donkey behavior. As an adult, he again bumps into Stanley-and the encounter is powerful and life changing.


Directed by Keir Burrows

Keir Burrows is from Durban, South Africa. His made first short film, Air, in 2011. It won him an award for best new director at the Colorado Film Awards as well as several other accolades. He is currently shooting his third short, Grace, and looking to raise financing for his debut feature, Worm.
Director of Photography
Keir Burrows
Primary Cast
James Farrar, Andrew London, Isabel Steubel-Johnson
Executive Producer
Josephine Rose, Amanda Brennan
Keir Burrows, Dieudonnee Nauta


Sales Agent
Keir Burrows
Basement Flat, 16 Croftdown Road London, NW5 1EH
Phone: +44 7786488101