Wondrous Oblivion

New York Premiere

U.K. | 106 MINUTES | English |


London, 1960. In a working-class south London community, an eleven-year-old Jewish boy lives for cricket. Young David keeps score for his school team, and even the characters in his trading card collection magically come to life. Unfortunately, he just can't play the game well himself. When a Jamaican family moves in next door and turns the backyard into a cricket court, David is ecstatic. The father (Delroy Lindo) offers to teach David the finer points of the game, and the pair forge a special relationship that transcends their cultural differences. Complaints from bigoted neighbors soon prompt David's mother to bar him from the cricket pitch, however, until her own emotional stirrings -- and the realization that she is an outsider too -- force her to reconsider. This heartwarming film beautifully captures the complexity of racial and religious divisions as seen through the eyes of children.