Reaching for the Moon


North American Premiere

Brazil | 118 MINUTES | English, Portuguese | English subtitles


Drama, Relationships
Seasoned Brazilian helmer Bruno Barreto brings to life 1950s Rio in this beautifully drawn tale of poet Elizabeth Bishop and her love affair with architect Lota de Macedo Soares, the designer of Rio’s famed Flamengo Park. Based on the bestselling Brazilian novel Rare and Commonplace Flowers, the film follows Bishop as a creative block prompts her to accept the invitation of a college friend to stay with her and her partner, Lota, on a sprawling country estate. Quintessentially American Bishop is a fish out of water in her new lush and bohemian setting, until the instant chemistry between her and Lota boils over.

Miranda Otto gives an elegant and nuanced performance as Bishop, while Glória Pires provides a counterbalance with the Dionysian and earthy Lota. Bishop’s closet alcoholism thickens the drama, but when she returns to New York and the military coup d’état forces change in Brazil, the relationship also faces a downswing. This engaging and classical love story is an intimate snapshot of the search for inspiration and the lives of two remarkable artists.

—Genna Terranova


Directed by Bruno Barreto

BRUNO BARRETO’s eighteen features include the Brazilian box office hit Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands and Oscar®-nominee Four Days in September. Since 1990, he has divided his career between Brazil and the U.S., where he has worked with stars including Robert Duvall, Andy Garcia, Kevin Spacey, Dennis Hopper, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mike Myers.
Bruno Barreto
Matthew Chapman and Julie Sayres based on screenplay by Carolina Kotscho
Lucy Barreto and Paula Barreto
Leticia Giffoni
Mauro Pinheiro Jr, ABC
Executive Producer
Romulo Marinho Jr
Glória Pires, Miranda Otto, Tracy Middendorf, Marcello Airoldi, Treat Williams


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