North American Premiere

France, Switzerland | 80 MINUTES | English, French | English subtitles


Drama, Sports
Pearl is Elsa Amiel’s directorial debut, and stars Julia Föry in her first role as Lea Pearl, a French bodybuilder. The film follows Lea and her trainer in the lead up to a bodybuilding competition where she will compete for the coveted title of Miss Heaven. The rules are strict, and her trainer keeps her nose to the grindstone. This is all put at risk when Lea’s ex (Arieh Worthalter) shows up with their six-year old son, Joseph (Vidal Arzoni)—a son that Lea never wanted.

Using smart, engaging cinematography, the film portrays both characters' desperation as they rush around the hotel where the contest takes place, weaving in and out of the bodybuilders preening in every corner, the little boy dwarfed by their colossal limbs. The actors' taut performances augment the controlled emotions surging just below the surface. In a world where every millimeter and every ounce is controlled, and every angle and sequin is scrutinised, Joseph comes in like an unpredictable whirlwind, upsetting Lea’s delicate balance between past and future.

—Jule Rozite


Directed by Elsa Amiel

Elsa Amiel grew up in theaters, travelling with her mime artist father. After studying performing arts, she chose cinema. In 2006, she directed her first short film, Faccia d’Angelo, followed by Ailleurs Seulement in 2010. She worked as first assistant for many directors. Pearl is her first feature film.
Elsa Amiel
Bruno Nahon, Caroline Nataf
Elsa Amiel, Laurent Larivière
Colin Lévêque
Fred Avril
Sylvie Lager, Caroline Detournay
Associate Producer
Lionel Baier
Michel Merkt
Julia Föri, Peter Mullan, Arieh Worthalter, Vidal Arzoni, Agata Buzek


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