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USA | 47 MINUTES | English | English (Burned In) subtitles


Sports, Documentary, Music
Vice World of Sports is a series of the most compelling stories of our time, exploring the most polarizing range of cultures, politics, places and people through one lens that connects them all: sport. First is the story of Bukom, a town too small for a map. But somehow, this tiny slum on the coast of Ghana has produced more world champion boxers per capita than anywhere else in the world. Where families make less than a dollar a day and fighting is in their blood, young men’s fists are their best chance at greatness and prosperity. Bukom is a community bound by boxing. Then, on one weekend each November, the city of New Orleans donates itself to the Bayou Classic— a college football rivalry unlike any other. This annual game between two historically black colleges, Grambling State and Southern University, boasts an impressive athletic legacy and alums who fill the pro football record books. But today, the Bayou Classic is home to another rivalry... A battle that’s fought at halftime. From violent stadium riots with Serbian soccer ultras to the basketball courts of a South Dakota Indian reservation, the first season of Vice World of Sports gets onto the field and into the ring to reflect the world we live in through the games we play.

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Directed by Evan Rosenfeld

Evan Rosenfeld
Jeremy David White
Matthew Halmy, Jeremy David White
Jaron Halmy, Lex Sadasivan
Associate Producer
Alyonka Larionov, Saher Shakir
Ryan Nethery, TG Firestone
Executive Producer
Selema Masekela, Evan Rosenfeld, Will Kiersky
Selema Masekela, Fernando Perez, Joshua Clottey, Richard Commey, Dr. Larry Pannell, Nathan Haymer


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