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World Premiere

Belgium, France | 12 MINUTES | Dutch, English, French |


Experimental, Drama, Thriller
A few minutes before the suspension of fighting in World War on November 11, 1918, soldiers have to face a series of decisions.

Playing in the program:
Go Team!


Directed by Django Schrevens

Sébastien Tixador grew up in France and attended the IAD. In 2015 he collaborated on Boris Baum‘s first feature film, Bula, as assistant director and writer. 11.11.18 is his first project as a director. Django Schrevens starred in La Cinquième Saison, which screened at Venice Film Festival and Tribeca. He co-directed 11.11.18 and is working on his first feature film.
Project Creator
Sébastien Tixador et Django Schrevens
Project Creators
Sébastien Tixador, Django Schrevens
Pierre Lottin, Gauthier Danniau, Vincent Doms, Django Schrevens, Alexandre Hérault, Alessandro De Pascale


Project Contact
Boris Baum
Les Films de la Récré
Brussels, 1050
Press Contact
Amber McCollom Stafford
Tribeca Film Festival