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Special Thanks to Roy London

World Premiere

USA | 91 MINUTES | English |


Unless you're steeped in the tradition of theater, you may not have heard of acting coach Roy London, but you surely know of his students. They include Geena Davis, Garry Shandling, Jeff Goldblum, Drew Carey, Forest Whittaker, Beverly D'Angelo, Hank Azaria, Patrick Swayze, Patricia Arquette, and Sherilyn Fenn, and they all pay loving homage to their revolutionary instructor in this spirited and personal documentary. The elusive London, seen here in file interview footage, was known for his groundbreaking acting techniques, and earned a reputation for empowering his female pupils. Davis recounts how London challenged her in preparation for Thelma & Louise and for the audition for her Oscar®-winning role in The Accidental Tourist. Stone and Fenn credit London for helping them gain the confidence necessary to win career-defining roles in film and TV. As dazzling as London's professional life was, his personal life was challenging. Interviews with his life partner, friends, and therapist reveal a man who struggled with his homosexuality, yearned for children, and eventually succumbed to AIDS in 1993. In the end, London is best remembered as an uncompromising thespian who selflessly channeled his art to help others navigate their own work. Even though this Special Thanks comes posthumously, audiences will rejoice finally to meet the man behind so many memorable performances.