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So Beautiful

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

International Premiere

Netherlands | 15 MINUTES | Spanish |



Sonia, an elderly lady, treats herself to a day at the beach. Soon she is approached by a young woman who asks her to keep an eye on her bag. Time passes and Sonia wants to go home, but there's no sign of the girl. By opening the girl's bag to have a look before she leaves, she starts longing for her younger days. She goes away, leaving behind a surprising gift for the girl.


Directed by Stefan van de Staak

Stefan van de Staak (b. 1979, Amsterdam) is a self-taught filmmaker who has worked in many film productions as an actor, assistant, researcher, and script supervisor. So Beautiful is his first short fiction film.

Heddy Honigmann
Stefan van de Staak
Stefan van de Staak
Production Advisors
Ester Gould, Pepe Trio
Principal Cast
Sarah Pach, Daniele Trio