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Of Best Intentions

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

Ireland | 14 MINUTES | English |


The story of inventor Thomas Midgley's life reads like a cautionary tale for future generations. Using Midgley's story as a basis to examine the relationship between what we set out to do and where our actions lead us, this sometimes sad, sometimes funny film looks at the fickle nature of our existence and the footprint we leave behind when we are gone.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Mixed Feelings program.


Directed by Brian Durnin and Brian Durnin

Brian Durnin has an MA in film production and theory. As well as directing short films, Brian has a successful career as a commercials director in Ireland, directing for brands such as O2, Meteor, and Concern. He currently has several projects in development for both the big and small screen.
Primary Cast
Stuart Graham, Ian McElhinney, Fiona O’Shaugnessy, Prasad Jadhav, Rita Davies, Deva Naidu
Brian Durnin
Production Design
John Hand
Director of Photography
Ivan McCullough
Flame Artist
John Kennedy
Lee Hickey
Brian Durnin
Paul Holmes


Sales Contact
Paul Holmes
Red Rage Films
9 Herbert Place Dublin, 2
Phone: +353 1 662 3582
Print Source
Lauren Teeling
Red Rage Films
Hebert Place #9 Dublin, 2
Phone: 00 353 1 662 3582