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Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

Ireland | 15 MINUTES | English |


Ellen and James live alone in a silent maze of uniform houses populated only by spectral shrieking foxes. James commutes to and from work each day, leaving in the morning, returning at dusk. Ellen spends her time photographing the foxes. Her pastime becomes an obsession. An obsession that alienates James. One day she flees the house, vanishing into the endless rows of overgrown gardens…


Directed by Lorcan Finnegan

Lorcan Finnegan was born in Dublin, where he studied design before moving to London to work as a motion designer, editor, and director. In 2004 he moved back to Dublin and set up the studio Lovely Productions. He has directed the shorts Changes, Defaced, and The Invention of Lightbulb.
Garret Shanley
Primary Cast
Marie Ruane, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Karen Griffin
Production Designer
Ferdia Murphy
Lorcan Finnegan
VFX Supervisor
John O'Connell
Neil O'Connor, Gavin O'Brien
Frank Reid
3D Animation
Eugene Mishchenko, Vadim Draemphaehl
Director of Photography
Miguel de Olaso, Macgregor


Brunella Cocchiglia
Lovely Productions
Top Floor, 4-5 Trinity Street Dublin, Dublin 8
Phone: 00353861259794
Sales Agent
Lorcan Finnegan
Lovely Productions
Top Floor, 4-5 Trinity Street Dublin, 8
Phone: 00353 86 125 9794