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You Kill Me

World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime, Thriller, Comedy
Business is tough for the Buffalo crime families, now that the Chinese are muscling in and the Irish are teaming up with them. What's more, it used to be you could rely on contract killer Frank (Ben Kingsley) to take care of problems. But Frank has a problem himself, and it's a serious one-a bottle of vodka or more a day. When Frank bungles an important hit because he's too drunk to stay awake, it's time for an intervention. Told to clean up and get sober, Frank is forced to move to San Francisco, join Alcoholics Anonymous, and take a job as a mortuary assistant in a funeral home. Now, instead of making sure people are dead, he's making sure dead people look good. He also has to put up with the twelve-step program and all that "change the things you cannot accept" stuff. But then he meets Laurel (Téa Leoni), a woman who knows a few things about hard knocks, and a mild-mannered tollbooth collector, Tom (Luke Wilson), who becomes his A.A. sponsor. Now coming clean means getting back to what you're really good at- precision killing-and showing your new friends how it's done, one day at a time. John Dahl, whose brilliant The Last Seduction reinvented neo-noir as a genre, and Kingsley, who channels his bravura performance from Sexy Beast, team up to make this smart and darkly funny drama about addiction and recovery.