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Electric Slide


World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime, Thriller, First Time Filmmaker
A heightened homage to the City of Angels, Electric Slide riffs on the real-life story of Eddie Dodson, the notorious "Gentleman Bank Robber." With a fondness for velvet, Stetsons, and blow, Dodson managed to lure money from mesmerized female tellers at over 60 banks during an epic spree in the 1980s. Jim Sturgess gives a uniquely affected performance as the urbane antique dealer and hobbyist in this dark, hyper-stylized crime tale. Gathering a stellar supporting cast including Chloe Sevigny, Patricia Arquette, and Vinessa Shaw, director Tristan Patterson crafts a singular vision of ‘80s Los Angeles. With dazzling outfits and cinematography that drips with sensuality, it's hard not to get taken just like those bank tellers.

-Jeffrey Bowers


Directed by Tristan Patterson

Tristan Patterson is the director of the documentary Dragonslayer (2011), winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2011 SXSW, and was named one of the best films of that year by Indiewire and The Los Angeles Times. Tristan Patterson began his career as a screenwriter and is a graduate of Yale University.
Tristan Patterson
Tristan Patterson
Kirk D'Amico, Christine Vachon, Hans Ritter, Eric Eisner
John Paul Horstmann
Darran Tiernan
Executive Producer
Aaron L. Gilbert, Ben Limberg, Jacob Pechenik, Bradford Simpson, Philip von Alvensleben, John Wells
Kevin Haskins
Jim Sturgess, Isabel Lucas, Chloe Sevigny, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Lambert


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