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Incident Urbain

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

North American Premiere

France, Ireland | 24 MINUTES | French | English subtitles


Drama, Relationships
Two enigmatic figures with code names, Costello and the Colonel, bound seemingly by some mysterious revolutionary past, engage in an intense conversation concerning the architecture surrounding them, with possible catastrophic consequences.

A very special thanks to Eric Gautier without him the film would not exist.

Sound designer Nicolas Becker and film editor Guy Lecorne were essential creators in the evolution and fabrication of this film.

Screening before Karpotrotter


Directed by John Lalor

John Lalor is an Irish artist, born in Dublin in 1961. He has lived in Paris for the last 20 years. His work comprises of paintings in multiples, building scaled models, and publishing text which is then incorporated into his exhibitions. His work has a direct rapport with cinema. His first film, Incident Urbain, affirm his intentions as a visual artist combining cinema and art.
John Lalor
John Lalor
John Lalor
Guy Lecorne
Associate Producer
Irish Arts Council
Eric Gautier
Executive Producer
Corinne Castel
Chris White, Nicolas Becker
Assistant Director
Jean Michael Donahue
Script Supervisor
Mathias Sanderson
Line Script
Christelle Meaux
Jean Francois Stevenin, Andre S. Labarthe


US Sales Contact
John Lalor
Paris , 75010
Phone: 33 1426 23644
Print Source
John Lalor
Paris , 75010
Phone: 33 1426 23644
International Sales Contact
John Lalor
Paris , 75010
Phone: 33 1426 23644
Press Contact
Chalena Cadenas
Tribeca Film Festival
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646 722 9034