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Award Screening: Audience Award, Documentary First Place: Hondros

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Award Screening: Audience Award, Documentary First Place: Hondros

Beginning with the war in Kosovo in 1999, award-winning photographer Chris Hondros served as witness to over a decade of conflict before being killed in Libya in 2011. Director and childhood friend Greg Campbell takes the audience on a stunning journey, retracing the path of Chris’s career as a journalist, while also revealing the little-known backstories that accompany some of his most influential photographs. The extraordinary life of the photojournalist, as captured by Director Campbell, is not just about the two- time Pulitzer Prize finalist and a winner of numerous photojournalism awards, but a portrait of the man behind the lens — a man of great sensitivity, who had an impact that extended beyond the moments he captured with his camera. Through the eyes of those around him — his colleagues, friends, and subjects of his photos — the film reveals how his experiences, with all the danger, the challenges, and the people involved, made him who he was.

—Deborah Rudolph