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FEATURE | United States | 102 MINUTES | English |


New York, Documentary, Drama, Disability, Journalism

An up-close and personal look into the lives of New Yorkers living on the streets of the Bowery - following their struggles with homelessness, drug addiction, harsh weather, job hunting, and eventually COVID-19 and the BLM Protests. In this compelling portrait of people living on the edge of society, Richard "Dolla" Thomas hustles on the streets in his wheelchair every day for a few dollars. Jaime "Rubia" Gonzalez hopes to land a job again and prepares for an interview. Steve Miller and Andrew Harris strive to overcome their drug addiction, while Fifty, who comes from a long line of hustlers, sells drugs while aspiring for a more legitimate future.

Resilience of the human spirit is expertly captured by Mike Mintz and Irad Straus in this immersive observational documentary. Mintz's intimate and beautiful cinematography unveils the essence of the Bowery, seeing Manhattan through the lens of those society wishes to forget. Exuding empathy and understanding, the filmmakers generate a trust with their subjects rarely seen, displaying a refreshing frankness and compassion that leaves a lasting impression.

Judd Taylor


Directed by Mike Mintz and Irad Straus

Mike Mintz is a filmmaker, producing content for various institutions and businesses. He is currently based in Washington DC. Irad Straus is an entrepreneur and first-time filmmaker. The two met while studying abroad and Bowery is both directors' feature film debut.
Mike Mintz, Irad Straus
Mike Mintz, Irad Straus
Mike Mintz
Jacob Yoffee
Evelyn Franks
Richard "Dollar" Thomas, Jaime "Rubia" Gonzalez, Andrew Harris, Steven Miller, "Fifty"


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