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Broadway Rising


World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 93 MINUTES | English |


New York, Women, Documentary, LGBTQIA+

There is no New York without Broadway. It’s both a landmark and a community, an industry and a people, making magic in a dark theater, eight times a week. During the pandemic, over 96,000 people lost their jobs and an entire ecosystem of small businesses were brought to a standstill. Broadway Rising tells the story of the broadway community and its harrowing journey back to the stage following the COVID-19 shutdown. This feature documentary brings everyone into the spotlight - from the costume makers to the ushers to the producers to the stars.

Herculean challenges are not new to Broadway. It has weathered 9/11; the arrival of the booming motion picture and television industry; and the devastation of AIDS on a generation of artists. Even amidst the pandemic, numerous Broadway organizations helped forge a path towards racial equity in the wake of BLM movement. But when full-time employees whose livelihoods depend upon Broadway found themselves suddenly and completely unemployed – it was a steep hill to climb back to opening night. This is their story, from early quiet moments of anxiety and self-reflection, to the determination that “the show must go on,” and finally the triumph of September 12, 2021; opening night.--Julien Devlin

After the Premiere Screening: A conversation celebrating Broadway featuring Director Amy Rice, Producer Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more Broadway luminaries along with a very special performance.


Directed by Amy Rice

Amy Rice’s directing credits include the Emmy® award-winning film By the PeopleThe Election of Barack Obama (HBO), Hurricane of Fun (Netflix), and the forthcoming political thriller, The Independent. Rice is currently in development on a TV series, Next of Kin, about a family who lost their son on 9/11.

Amy Rice
Sam Bisbee, Justin Mikita, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Christopher Cowen, Amy Rice
Amy Rice, Nelson Hume, Ronan Killeen
Christoph Baaden
Executive Producer
Hallee Adelman, Ivy Herman, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Lance Acord, Cody Ryder, Wendy Neu, Justin Lacob, Bryn Mooser, Andy Hsieh, Franklin Carson
Danielle Massie
Co-Executive Producer
Eric Nelsen, Sainty Nelsen


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