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Homeless: The Soundtrack


World Premiere

USA | 26 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Music, Female Director(s)
Thirty years after being taken away from her parents by the state and given up for adoption, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert went searching for her birth father. She finally finds him: homeless, toothless, addicted. And a musician, just like her.

Screening with Shorts: Home Sweet Home

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Irene Brodsky is an Academy Award®-nominated, Emmy®- and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, whose film, Beware the Slenderman, earned nominations for Best Director and Best Documentary at the Critics Choice Documentary Awards in 2017. Her other credits include Hear and Now and The Final Inch.
Irene Taylor Brodsky
Irene Taylor Brodsky, Paula Mae Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Tahria Sheather
Irene Taylor Brodsky, Peter Richardson
Irene Taylor Brodsky
"Cami" Jenni Alpert, Don Logsdon
Roger Schwartz
Field Sound
Sophie Harris, Blas Kisic
Sound Mix and Design
Lance Limbocker
Evan Anthony
Additional Editing
Tahria Sheather, Charlene Rule
Assistant Producer
Chelsea Meier
"Cami" Jenni Alpert, Don Logsdon, Jil Alpert


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