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Outdoor & Interactive Experiences

World Premiere

United States | 15 MINUTES |


Kinfolk is an augmented reality app that highlights Black and Brown figures. The viewer can use Kinfolk to bring digital monuments to life through a phone/tablet, hear voice overs for each icon, see generative art emanating from every sculpture and listen to an original afrofuturist jazz composition.

*Part of the Juneteenth programming

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Project Creators
Idris Brewster, Glenn Cantave, Micah Milner
Key Collaborator
Pariah Interactive
Ajay Ram
3D Artist
Rad Mora
Technical Director
Pariah Interactive
Education Director
Erica Buddington & Langston League
UX Director
Angela Fan
Keenyn Omari, Joe Gordon
Generative Art
The Light Clinic


Press Contact
Amber Stafford
Tribeca Festival
Phone: 206-353-4751
Press Contact
Zach Halper
Momentum PR
Phone: 862-224-3233
Press Contact
Chloe Miller
Momentum Communications Group
New York, NY 10028
Phone: 585 857 4333