Love Spreads
World Premiere

Love Spreads

2020 Official Selection: Features
Feature | Wales | 93 MINUTES | English
Women, Comedy, Drama, Music

To keep their recent successes fresh, all-female rock band Glass Heart seclude themselves in a remote cottage to work on their second album. The studio is brimming with inspiration; even a lowly wall in the garden has once inspired greatness (Oasis’s Wonderwall, according to legend). Faced with mounting pressure from studio executives, singer-songwriter Kelly (Alia Shawkat) shuts down. Tensions form between the band members and manager Mark (Nick Helm) as frustrations as days tick relentlessly on. Digs and accusations mingle with boredom and machinations as they wait for Kelly’s creative block to lift.

Shawkat’s wonderfully subtle performance succeeds in balancing ego and frailty, and leaves band members and viewers alike walking on eggshells. Love Spreads is a tight and humorous drama that explores the fragility of group dynamics and creative exhaustion. What does it mean to be creative, and are friendships, mental health, and even family worth sacrificing for a great album?—Miriam Garcia

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Jamie Adams

Jamie Adams is an indie filmmaker from Porthcawl, Wales who’s passionate about improv-led performances. His features include Black Mountain Poets and Balance, Not Symmetry and Wild Honey Pie!, which premiered at SXSW.

Jamie Adams
Jamie Adams, Maggie Monteith
Jamie Adams
Ryan Eddleston
Mike Hopkins
Executive Producer
Chris Reed, Richard Elis
Costume Designer
Chris Reed, Richard Elis
Make Up
Bobbie Ross

Press Contact
Laura Pettitt
Untitled Communications
London, N8 7DE
Phone: 781 452 0110


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