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An Obituary


US Premiere

South Korea | 14 MINUTES | Korean | English subtitles


A young man travels alone deep into the countryside to pay his respects after hearing of a friend’s untimely death. Upon his arrival, he finds himself to be the sole mourner at the funeral. Alone in the country, save for the elderly mother of his deceased friend, he begins to wonder why they seem to be the only two people left in the village.

Screening with Cinema360: It's Right Behind You

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Jean Yoon
Project Creator
Jean Yoon
Key Collaborator
Kuk- seok Yang, Jin-hee Kim
Assistant Director
Jung-Pyeo Hong, Bum-Soo Seok
Post Production
Jin-hee Kim
Music Director
Hyun Jung Sim
Executive Producer
Kuk-Seok Yang
Producer & Publicist
Jong-min Kim
Line Producer
Lien Jang
Director of Photography
Young-Chul Kim
Post Production Producer
Jin-Hee Kim
Tae-kyung Oh, Yong-nyeo Lee


Project Contact
Jean Yoon
DanDanHan Pictures
Seoul, 03974
Phone: +82 10 4001 7299
Press Contact
Jong-Min Kim
Gorilrock Studio, DanDanHan pictures
seoul, 04587
Phone: +82-10-9896-3258