A Plague Tale: Requiem
World Premiere

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Tribeca Games
| France | 40 MINUTES | English | English subtitles
Horror, Action, Women, Drama, Thriller, Mystery

This direct sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence follows Amicia and her brother Hugo on a heartrending journey into a breathtaking, brutal medieval world twisted by supernatural forces as they discover the cost of saving loved ones in a desperate struggle for survival. Strike from the shadows or unleash hell, and overcome foes and challenges with a variety of weapons, tools, and unearthly powers. A Plague Tale : Requiem will be released in 2022 on consoles and PC.

Cast & Credits
Focus Entertainment
Project Creator
Asobo Studio
Asobo Studio
Kevin Choteau, David Dedeine
Creative Director
David Dedeine
Game Director
Kevin Choteau
Eric Chort
Narrative Director
Sébastien Renard
Art Director
Olivier Ponsonnet
Lead Animator
Andreas Nick
Cinematic Director
Julien Guérin
Audio Director
Aurélien Piters
Olivier Derivière
Executive Producer
Brice Davin
Lead Level Designer
Kevin Pinson


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