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World Premiere

USA | 84 MINUTES | English, Italian | (No Subtitles), English subtitles


Documentary, Drama, Music, Mystery
Stradivari violins are some of the most sought after and valuable instruments in the world. With violins from his golden period of 1700 to 1725, it is a rare honor to lay your eyes, or hands, on one. That’s why the FBI was faced with a one-of-a-kind case when in January 2014, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond was attacked and robbed of the Lipinski Strad—a 1715 Stradivarius violin valued at over $6 million. The Milwaukee Police Department and FBI jumped swiftly into action, aware of what was at stake of being lost—and that time was of the essence.

Through Plucked, director Joel Van Haren highlights the vast cultural and historical value of these instruments—and how easily they could be lost forever. Feel the pressure as the authorities work against the clock and try to save an instrument that this is truly one of a kind.

—Dan Hunt


Directed by Joel Van Haren

Joel Van Haren is an award-winning journalist and Emmy Award®-nominated cinematographer. Their cinematography has been featured extensively on Al Jazeera's Emmy Award®- and Peabody Award-winning program, Fault Lines. Joel's work has been featured by BBC, The New York Times, The Players' Tribune, PBS, and VICE. Plucked is Van Haren’s directorial debut.
Joel Van Haren
Joel Van Haren, Chris James Thompson, Ryan Thomas Reeve, Kelly Michael Anderson
Ryan Thomas Reeve
Chris James Thompson
Barry Paul Clark
Associate Producer
Timm Gable, Elena Rossini, Sweta Vohra


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