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Drama, Biography
As the adopted son of two fiercely committed leaders of their local neo-Nazi sect, Bryon Widner’s (Jamie Bell) life has been shaped in the shadow of the white supremacist movement. Covered head to toe in coded tattoos, Widner is a walking embodiment of the world in which he was raised, as he fills his nights with wanton acts of hate-fueled violence and fascist marches. But when he meets Julie (Danielle Macdonald), a single-mother looking to raise her daughters outside of the influence of the extremist movement, Widner is pushed towards the potential of a new life built outside of the hate that has propelled him for so long.

Following his Academy Award® win for a short film of the same name, director Guy Nattiv tells the true story of Widner’s decision to finally leave the movement, with the aid of a rich ensemble cast including Vera Farmiga, Bill Camp, and Mike Colter. Depicting one man’s difficult path to redemption from the darkest corners of the human soul, Skin is a haunting story of redemption told with an authentic and deeply affecting eye.

—Cameron Sinz


Directed by Guy Nattiv

Academy Award®-winning director and writer Guy Nattiv’s work includes the acclaimed film Strangers (2008), which premiered at Sundance, and The Flood (2012), which won the Generations prize at Berlinale. Skin, based on his Academy Award®-winning live action short film of the same name, is the Israeli filmmaker’s first United States feature film.
Guy Nattiv
Oren Moverman, Jaime Ray Newman, Celine Rattray, Trudie Styler, Dillon D. Jordan
Guy Nattiv
Arnaud Potier
Lee Percy, ACE , Michael Taylor
Dan Romer
Executive Producer
Zachery Ty Bryan, Nic Marshall, Robert L. Hymers III, Trevor Matthews, Nick Gordon, Lee-Ann Corry, Tommee May, Dale Rosenbloom, Meriam Alrashid, Krios Song, Peter Sobiloff, Michael Sobiloff, Shaohua Huang, Na Yang, Daniel Negreaunu, David Kang, Lawrence Cancellieri, Randy Cancellieri, Enrico Saraiva, Mario Peixoto, Siena Oberman
Associate Producer
Joanna Plafsky, Jenny Halper, Carter Stanton, Justin Smith, Shaun Greenspan
Ged Dickersin, Rick Gerson, Henri Fink, Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin, Steven Mao, Sheila Gray, Hardy Justice, Lu Jia
US Distributor
Jamie Bell, Danielle Macdonald, Daniel Henshall, Bill Camp, Mike Colter, Mary Stuart Masterson, Vera Farmiga


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