We Got the Picture

Unknown Premiere

USA | 18 MINUTES | English |


The Rossi family owned and operated up to seven movie theaters throughout the Upstate New York region that began with their first two: the Strand and the Paramount. This documentary is the culmination of one family's 85-year love affair with the movies and highlights the operation of a family-run business in the throes of social changes that morph an Americana summer resort into a working class town.


Directed by Elena Rossi-Snook

Elena Rossi-Snook is a 16mm film preservation specialist at The New York Public Library's Donnell Media Center. She has an M.A. in Film Archiving from the University of East Anglia and was the 2002 recipient of the Kodak Fellowship in Film Preservation. Rossi-Snook is a board member of the New York Film/Video Council and an independent archival consultant for the Bryan Film Collection of American documentary and ethnographic films. We Got the Picture is her first film.