Little Peace of Mine

North American Premiere

Israel | 126 MINUTES | Hebrew, Arabic |


Nadav Weiss was a typical Israeli 13-year-old, playing video games and bouncing from Bar Mitzvah to Bar Mitzvah, until the bus in front of the car he was in was blown up by a suicide bomber. With his friends Noa, Shai and Amit, he founded a movement called Peace for the Future to bring Israeli and Palestinian kids together. But, as Eyal Avneri's documentary Little Peace of Mine shows, peace is not so simple-especially when Nadav's friends cannot even agree. Meeting in a fast food restaurant, they argue about tactics, and when Nadav gets bogged down with fundraising, his friends give him ten days to round up some Palestinian kids for a meeting. The group goes on The Morning Show with Yaron London, hands out fliers to preteens in the mall, and meets with then opposition leader Yossi Sarid, who tells them, "It's easier to meet with Palestinians in Europe." With the help of Sarid and the Palestinian People's Peace Campaign, Nadav's group begins meeting with their Palestinian peers in a hotel on the border between East and West Jerusalem. They teach the Palestinians how to play backgammon, while the Palestinian kids grill the Israelis on the capitals of countries. Nadav befriends Mai, a 14-year-old Palestinian girl whose father has been imprisoned, and who would rather talk politics than make chocolate balls. But as violence escalates, the People's Peace Campaign is dissolved, and while Nadav remains optimistic, his friends wonder whether peace will ever be possible.