Rid of Me


World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


When newlyweds Meris and Mitch move to Portland, Meris does her best to fit in with her new hubby's old high school clique. The harder she tries, the more painfully obvious it is that Meris just doesn't belong. But its not until the gang succeeds in rekindling an old flame between Mitch and his perfect, upbeat first love that Meris—tactfully put—loses it. Her life trashed, Meris settles for a job as a candy store clerk in town. There she finds a real friend in rocker Trudy, who introduces her to the virtues of thick black eyeliner and the grimy underworld of the Northwest punk scene. Self-discovery and 1960s Cambodian rock lie just around the bend.

Katie O'Grady charmingly inhabits the inner workings of one woman's quest to be herself even when she's on track to becoming someone else. At the forefront of low-budget, high-energy regional American indies, James Westby (The Auteur, TFF '08) pairs subversive cinematic language with a lively soundtrack and imaginative visual compositions to create a black comedy of embarrassments about sticking up for yourself no matter how messy.


Directed by James Westby and James Westby

JAMES WESTBY is an independent filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. He writes, directs, and edits provocative feature films with low budgets, no compromises, and big laughs. His work includes Film Geek and The Auteur. James is currently working on an anti-bullying doc and the feature comedy Hot in the Zipper.
Primary Cast
Katie O'Grady, John Keyser, Storm Large, Orianna Herrman, Theresa Russell, Art Alexakis
James Westby
Production Designer
Eric Sellers
Music by
Jason Wells
James Westby
James Westby
Katie O'Grady, James Westby


Director's Manager
Brian Spink
Realm Management
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Raija Talus
Alcove Entertainment
Portland, ORraijatalus@yahoo.com
Katie O'Grady
Alcove Productions
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: 503.706.7545