World Premiere


| USA | 83 MINUTES | English

Leonard and Nelson have been friends for ages. Leonard is the charismatic, underachieving, but obsessive screenwriter looking for a fast track to success, and Nelson is his self-deprecating and accommodating writing partner who always has a few bucks to spare. As both confront a mid-30s reality check and a pile of unsuccessful screenplays, Leonard convinces Nelson to back his stint at a glitzy LA rehab clinic so he can pitch their new movie deal to mega-star Gregg D. As the half-baked plan twists and turns, and Leonard's ambition and selfishness spin out of control, the writing duo's friendship cries for an overdue dose of reality.

First-time directors Steven Schardt and Sean Nelson's playful comedic approach is loose and upbeat and does not dare to take itself too seriously, making for a zany and refreshing time. Shooting in Los Angeles on a shoestring budget, the producers of Humpday and actors Sean Nelson, Ross Partridge, and Joshua Leonard reunite for this equally smart absurdist comedy. Not to be confused with your typical "bromance," Treatment picks up after the honeymoon, when there is some growing up to do and maybe even a little "bromancipation."

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Sean Nelson, Steven Schardt, Sean Nelson, and Steven Schardt
STEVEN SCHARDT is an independent producer whose credits include Sundance Special Jury prize winning Humpday, The Oregonian, and the upcoming Lynn Shelton feature Your Sister's Sister. Steven was a 2009 Film Independent Screenwriting Fellow. SEAN NELSON is an actor/writer/musician whose acting credits include The Off Hours, My Effortless Brilliance (which he co-wrote), $5 Cover, The Freebie, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, and the forthcoming Grassroots.
Steven Schardt, Jennifer Maas
Primary Cast
Joshua Leonard, Sean Nelson, Ross Partridge, Jessica Makinson, Brie Larson, John Hodgman
Original Music by
Robyn Hitchcock
Executive Producer
Adrian Ashkenazy, Stefan Ashkenazy
Sean Donavan, Jessica Hernandez
Director of Photography
Benjamin Kasulke
Steven Schardt, Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson

Technical Contact
David Morgan
Seattle, WA 98122
Main Contact
Jennifer Maas
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 206.910.8257
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